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The Brilliance of Fine Crystal

With over 300 years of heritage spanning 15 generations, Royal Brierley stands as England's most storied crystal brand. Since being founded in 1776 as an independent family operation, Royal Brierley has grown under the guidance of three eminent families - the De Henzels, Honeybornes and Silvers. 

It was under Joseph Silver's leadership in the 19th century that Royal Brierley leased the renowned Moor Lane Glasshouse. His daughters' marriages brought in the talents of William Stevens and Samuel Cox-Williams. In 1847, the company took on the name Steven and Williams Glassworks, gaining acclaim for exceptional quality, design and innovation in British glassmaking. 

Over the centuries, Royal Brierley attracted the cream of the crop - creative artists and master craftsmen whose skills and artistry were celebrated worldwide. Though known as Stevens and Williams until the 1930s, the company took on the name Royal Brierley Crystal to mark its appointment as Royal British Glassmakers - upholding 300 years of handcrafted tradition.

Today, Royal Brierley enjoys the rare distinction of holding two Royal Warrants, appointed as supplier to HM The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales. Its first Royal Warrant was bestowed by King George V in 1919, and has been renewed by each monarch since. 

The Making of Heirloom Crystal

Every piece of Royal Brierley crystal starts with the finest materials - silver sand, potash and cullet - heated to 1350°C for 24 hours. The melted crystal is then cooled to a workable state where our artists and craftspeople use generations of expertise to shape each piece completely by hand. 

The formed crystal is placed in a temperature-controlled lehr to cool slowly, preventing stress and ensuring the highest quality. Finally, our artisans meticulously inspect, polish and smooth each piece to perfection. The attention to detail behind every Royal Brierley design comes to life through the skills of our master craftspeople.

With a legacy stretching back over three centuries, Royal Brierley continues to exemplify the pinnacle of British crystal artistry and quality for the world to enjoy.